Plant Challenge Lily

Reference photo

So the first painting is my interpretation of the reference photo. The second painting is my initial try at painting the reference photo. Always challenging myself to grow. I love the way these came out. I hope you do as well

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Salt Dough Giraffe Sculpture

Afton wanted to make an animal sculpture so we decided to make salt dough giraffes. This one is mine, he ended coming out pretty cute! Read more
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Brendabet F

Brendabet, this is F Read more
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Status Update

Having a good notebook is a great way to stay motivated and organized. It can be used to take notes, jot down ideas, or even list future dreams. This custom wire-bound notebook is the perfect daily companion to help you stay on track and put your thoughts onto paper. With this notebook, you won't miss a beat and can easily keep track of your thoughts and ideas. Read more
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These   paintings are fun and full of colors and textures. This particular painting was inspired by a grant I recently applied for that I had to look up what the term womxn meant. There is a whole world out there trying to bend reality. Me too! Read more
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May 19

This is May 19. It is a 6 x 6 inch square gouache painting completed with a limited color palette of 5 colors and black and white. I hope you like it!

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Super Exciting…

Girl in Hat NFT drop coming 4/29/2022

Super excited.. available for sale here:

Some of my favorite so far

Girl in Hat 2 Girl in Hat 15 Girl in Hat 6 Girl in Hat 9 Girl in Hat 21 Girl in Hat 20
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