Brenda Knoll

Free Art

I occasionally give away free art, coloring pages, posters, cell phone wallpaper etc. I am in transition to this new website and webhost so thank you for checking it out!

My Be Healthy Mind Map

Hi there, if you are watching my YouTube shorts series 'Be Healthy how to strategically plan your health' then here is my mind map for what being healthy looks like to me.  

The mind mapping software I use is called 'simple mind' I love it. it is available on android and pc, you can check ios store for yourself, I am busy.

DOwnload Mind Map
Free Lineart to use

"PopArt Lion"

Thanks for taking an interest in myself and my art, enjoy. Download art, settings, set as, home screen. OR print out,, copy,, paint or color or? Tag me online! I think that will work! Support my art by following subscribing sharing etc etc etc costs you nothing, but means a lot in internet! Thanks