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Hi there, my name is Brenda.  
I am a self representing artist in Lewiston, Idaho. 

I sell my original art, teach watercolor beginner classes easy, create NFT art, license my art for use on merchandise, and sell some limited edition prints. 

I create original happy art for original happy people

Thanks for visiting, take a look around to find out more.

Brenda Knoll  Artist

If you hear a voice within you saying, ”You are not a painter,” then by all means paint… and that voice will be silenced.
― Vincent van Gogh

Latest Collections...

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May Flowers April Showers bring May Flowers. I am exploring bold color palettes and lots of patterns with these bright whimsical abstract florals. I hope you like them!

Girl in Hat NFTs... Working on being more intentional and methodical in my art practice. I was working on portraits which I find VERY intimidating. I painted these cute girl in hat paintings and decided to digitized, and digitally manipulate and enhance for sale as NFTs. Check it out!

May Flowers, Girl in Hat NFTs


I had sold hundreds of paintings before I finally developed a system to catalog my art but I must confess, I only have records on art produced in 2021 due to a hard drive crash and the loss of my digital files. 

I now keep a physical record in binders and sort of a digital record on my website. I am not sure if I will migrate past sold artwork over to the new website gallery or not yet, it depends upon how much time  is involved. 

Going forward though, I have a plan.. Until then, check out my previous website to see past artwork here: and instagram usually has my latest artwork and news, so follow me there!

old website

For original artwork currently for sale please check out ebay here: