Brenda Knoll

Brand Story

Hello! My name is Brenda Knoll, ​I was born a child of the sunshine and lived in a rainbow dress until the day they sold it to Goodwill. At that point, I discovered paintbrushes, found them to be delightful companions in all things joyful, and never looked back. 

My work typically incorporates playful subject matter with bright use of color, and abstract designs.

I love exploring patterns and textures in unusual and unexpected ways.  

I like to paint on paper because I enjoy the texture, brushstrokes, and how easy it is to ship to my collectors. 

I offer original paintings, art prints, I have classes and a portfolio of work available for license. 

My artwork is available on a variety of items such as t shirts, notebooks, stickers, laptop skins, cellphone cases, and home decor products, etc.  

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Collections I am working in right meow...

Hi there, just a spot to put collections that I am currently working in and some of my recently completed artwork

Warm Greetings ​and a huge thanks for stopping by to check out my artwork. Your interest means the world to me!

Right now, I'm in the midst of curating a collection of my favorite floral artworks that I have created over the years for a local, Lewiston Idaho,  art exhibition I have in July.  I will be the featured artist and I will have a variety of my favorite floral pieces available for purchase. 

I am really excited about this! I will have prints in a variety of sizes and also some new original pieces for purchase with a variety of price points to fit every budget because you know what makes fabulous gifts? Original art!

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I have sold hundreds of paintings in private collections all over the US. 

 My website usually has my latest artwork and news, so follow me here! 

In 2023 my main social media focus will be tiktok, youtube and instagram/facebook in that order!

Please check out my ebay store I am in the process of migrating my original artwork currently for sale here: