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Original fine art paintings for sale by Lewiston Idaho Artist Brenda Knoll

Hi there, my name is Brenda.  I create unique happy art for unique happy people and their spaces. 

I teach classes online, create NFTs for sale, license my art for use on merchandise and sell prints of my work. 

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Brenda Knoll  Artist

If you hear a voice within you saying, ”You are not a painter,” then by all means paint… and that voice will be silenced.
― Vincent van Gogh

Latest Collections...

 ​New Collection Open June: Rainbow Promises Faith Based Art. I'm a big fan of rainbows. I love how each one is different and yet they all have the same core meaning, which is that he who promised is faithful.

Limited Edition Prints for Sale... Trying to work it out for purchase, limited edition prints.

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Cubism by Brenda Knoll


I had sold hundreds of paintings before I finally developed a system to catalog my art but I must confess, I only have records on art produced in 2021 due to a hard drive crash and the loss of my digital files. 

I now keep a physical record in binders and sort of a digital record on my website. I am not sure if I will migrate past sold artwork over to the new website gallery or not yet, it depends upon how much time  is involved. 

 instagram usually has my latest artwork and news, so follow me there!

For original artwork currently for sale please check out ebay here: