4 New Paintings Halloween 2022 Collection

These @halloween_collection pieces are not only cute, but also spooky. #Halloween 2022 Read more
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These   paintings are fun and full of colors and textures. This particular painting was inspired by a grant I recently applied for that I had to look up what the term womxn meant. There is a whole world out there trying to bend reality. Me too! Read more
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May 19

This is May 19. It is a 6 x 6 inch square gouache painting completed with a limited color palette of 5 colors and black and white. I hope you like it!

I made a video but I am Read more

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Super Exciting…

Girl in Hat NFT drop coming 4/29/2022

Super excited.. available for sale here: https://opensea.io/collection/girl-in-hat-nft

Some of my favorite so far

Girl in Hat 2 Girl in Hat 15 Girl in Hat 6 Girl in Hat 9 Girl in Hat 21 Girl in Hat 20
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Building some skills. what do you think of this meow? Read more
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