New Collection: Houses

Hi there,

So I have had this collection idea for a long time but didn’t implement upon it.  I took a class with the SBA this year and made a marketing calendar and what was really great about that class was that it helped me to put some focus to my artwork.  

Instead of randomly painting disconnected material which not that I did that but… I am more intentional about what I am painting and when. 

I also built some productivity muscles and completed OVER 50 9 x 12 paintings in 2.5 weeks, I KNOW right??? I was working towards something. 

So anyway I didn’t receive some equipment I had purchased in a timely manner (which then I canceled it like a fool but whatever!) so I had extra time from the delay of not printing my class so I snuck in two additional collections, Voodoo Dolls and these Houses

I hope you like these additional collections, thanks for taking an interest in my art. 

blue house

Blue House

yellow house

Yellow House

Green House


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