“I Love You” SOLD original

Just SOLD "I Love You" original painting

Brenda Knoll I Love You original gouache painting

About this painting…. I am still trying to figure out the best way to work my new website and keep my patrons informed, so THANK YOU FOR CHECKING MY NEW WEBSITE OUT IN THE MEANTIME!

Title: I Love You ORIGINAL

Materials: 9 x 12 inch gouache and ink on 140 lb cold press watercolor paper

Collections: Florals

Inspiration for this artwork: This painting was completed as part of a series of 10 florals completed in December 2019. Thank you for checking it out!

Update: NOT SOLD. Another EBAY scam. This has happened to me once before when I had a buyer submit an offer for one of my paintings and when I accept the offer, the buyer instead of paying sends me a message about texting them off-site. 

WTFFFFFFFF? So annoying because the default is I am charged all the sales fees by ebay EVEN THOUGH painting is never paid for because buyer stiffs me because it is a scam to waste my time off site. 

So then I have to have the sale removed by ebay and relist my painting. Not to mention that it is depressing to realize that someone doesn’t love your artwork after all, awhgggggg

 This painting will be relisted shortly.

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