Golden Zing 101 All About this Collection

Golden Zing

This collection was created when I purchased some new art supplies.  Specifically the Golden SoFlat Zing collection. 


I had previously painted in acrylics for a few years.  I sold 100s of paintings before burning out in 2005.  

I had started painting according to what was selling which was my horses and it stole the joy from my artwork.

Also, I started doing hair making women beautiful became my  creative outlet.

When I tried painting over the years the set up and clean up of acrylics was too time consuming, it was a drag and I didn’t have time to finish a painting.  I  think I painted less than 10 paintings between 2005 and 2016.

When I picked up a paintbrush and started painting again, in 2016, it was faces… as in facepainting.  


I painted faces with my granddaughters at events and THAT was tons of fun but my granddaughter lost interest and thus so did I.

I started painting in watercolor around 2018 and completely fell in love. I have been in love with watercolor for years now.

I saw this collection from Golden Acrylics called SoFlat, the palette is called Zing. I decided to try it out because I had never used the artist quality acrylics by Golden, I used to paint with Liquitex basics and/or Art Advantage because artist quality paints are so expensive right?

Well I do not drink, smoke or gamble and I sell my artwork so FOR REAL : YOLO use the damn best quality art supplies money can buy right?!

That’s where I am at now in my life. I am totally here for this 12 ounces of paint for $50 Golden Zing = YES!!!

I follow an artist who sells her work for thousands of dollars and I am SHOCKED that she paints with Liquitex basics not even the artist quality line like sheesh, what is that?

I think that is all the background on this collection! Thanks for taking an interest in myself and my art!

Pineapple Zing

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