Brenda Knoll

Rainbow Promises

 I'm proud to share a new collection of art inspired by the promise of my relationship with God. This rainbow is a symbol of hope and future possibilities, which I hope these paintings will inspire in you too.

Hi there, my name is Brenda, I am a Christian and this is faith art. My mind explodes when I think about all the promises God has kept towards me. The bottom line is: He who promised is faithful.

The promises of rainbows are the promises of God. I can not fully express it but I am going to try.


Promises to Take Care Of

5 x 7 ​Original Rainbow Art 

Promises to work it out

6 x 6 ​Original Rainbow Art 

Rainbow Pinata

9 x 12 ​Original Rainbow Art SOLD OUT

True Love

5 x 7 ​Original Rainbow Art Available on eBay Meow