• First NFT offering by Brenda Knoll
  • Based upon original SOLD OUT artwork
  • Support a living artist today
  • 10 Angels in the initial launch of this collection
  • Available for purchase
  • Details regarding angels in this collection listed beloiw

This is my genesis NFT collection inspired by my original one of a kind angel artwork. This genesis collection, Heavenly Angels, started life as a physical pieces from a currently SOLD OUT ongoing collection. 

Ten of the sold-out pieces have been digitized and are in the process of being digitally enhanced to create a unique digital representation for this genesis NFT collection. This is my first experience creating NFTs and always a new medium is challenging and exciting so I am super excited about creating these original NFTs. Thanks for taking an interest in my angels

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This NFT collection Heavenly Angels is almost complete you can purchase available angels here:
https://opensea.io/collection/heavenlyangel .

Thanks for taking an interest!

Heavenly Angel NFT Anandi

Heavenly Angel Anandi

Anandi comes from a Sanskrit word meaning happiness. Anandi makes me happy with her pink hair, delicate sparkly colors, and her sparkle stars and …
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Brenda Knoll Veronica Sunshine NFT

Heavenly Angel Veronica Sunshine

This is Veronica Sunshine. “Angels shine light into all areas of life… Helping you to see the light within all! ” – Melanie Beckler. Veronica is a …
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Brenda Knoll Rose Angel NFT

Heavenly Angel Rose Angel

This is Rose Angel. Rose is a one of a kind Angel I painted in real life that has been digitized and digitally enhanced for offer here as an NFT. She…
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Brenda Knoll Heavenly Angel NFT Aerie

Heavenly Angel Aerie

An aerie is a nest, especially for an eagle or another large bird of prey and Aerie seems like a powerful eagle protecting angel to me. Aerie is one…
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Heavenly Angel Angels am I right?

Heavenly Angel Angels... Am I Right?

Angels... am I right? One of a kind angel NFT, not one of 10,000. This is a unique angel that lives on the Ethereum blockchain and brings feminine …
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Brenda Knoll Sunshine

Heavenly Angel Sunshine

This is Sunshine. This is a radiant angel that lives on the Ethereum blockchain and brings vision to your collection.
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Brenda Knoll Gabriella NFT

Heavenly Angels Gabriella

This is Gabriella. Gabriella is a one-of-a-kind Angel I painted in real life that has been digitized and digitally enhanced for …

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Heavenly Angel Rory

Heavenly Angels Rory

Inspiration:  Lucifer and Chloe had a baby...
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