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“You can do anything you set your mind to.”
- Benjamin Franklin

"I'm learning acrylic instead of gouche, but I found this class really helpful for creating compositions and studying brush strokes and layers. I'm working on a project now and plan to share once complete. Thanks so much Brenda!"


"A wonderful class Brenda! It was instructive and interesting. I enjoyed the process, and even got hubby to find a needle for it, and to thread it!"


"Thanks for sharing your talent! I have only painted with acrylic, but look forward to trying gouache. I love your compositions and that you show many samples in each video..., loved watching your progression to a super cute painting. Thanks again :)"


Exciting News About My Classes

I have been teaching art classes online since 2018. I have taught various art skills to over 800 students in person and online.

I have previously utilized Skillshare exclusively for delivering my online class content but going forward into 2022 I decided I will be using my own platform instead.

Purchasing directly from the artist allows me to reinvest in better equipment for filming better classes for my students and allows me to keep a bigger portion of my earnings.

Thank you for checking out my classes.

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Benefits of purchasing direct from teacher 

  • Purchases pay for better equipment to produce better content for my students
  • Super cost effective, you only pay for the course work you are interested in
  • $10 per class! 
  • Digital download of course, you can watch as many times as you like
  • 12 new classes coming in 2022 
  • 6 new free classes coming in 2022
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