Harry Harkle Print Available

The Harry Harkle print is available for purchase online at BrendaKnoll.com. This is the latest release in Brenda Knolls Voodoo Dolls collection started in 2022. This beautiful fine art print will make a lovely addition to any home! Read more
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Will + Jada


Will + Jada because COME ON! Jada has a black heart and Will needs help to find out why he wants to raise his children around such a horrible wife

Painting demonstration video on tiktok and youtube, check it out!

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Voodoo Dolls currently sold out

The Harkles
The Harkles because nobody needs to trash their own family, ugh Read more
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These four Voodoo Dolls Sold

Hermes SA
Voodoo dolls because so cute right? The Sales Associate at Hermes that called HR because PurseOnFleek emailed her about a Birken for her birthday because seriously! She just wanted a bag for her birthday and other people were getting bags even though she was waiting longer. Crappiest SA ever. YouTube is my muse. Read more
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Itty Bitty Pretty One

Itty Bitty pretty

Four new Voodoo Doll paintings available now on Ebay. The Surprise Witness, Itty Bitty Pretty One, Edgar, and Kenye. Can you tell which is which?

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Thinking of You….

Thinking of you
Voodoo Doll Art Collection Brenda Knoll. Thinking of you, make yourself a voodoo doll and give it a back rub! Read more
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