Self Expression

Finished another portrait this morning after I painted May 20. Its me inspired by artists who do cubism portraits. Of course my inspiration portraits are much neater then my work. My work is wild like watercolor….

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This is Meow. So my goal was to paint 12 portraits in April 2022, I painted 6 and one of them I hated so much I trashed it.

I did 2 girl in hats, one Afton, one baby st. Read more

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Baby St. Bernard

Isn’t you are isn’t you my baby? what do you think of this little cutie pie??? Working on my skills as always. I downloaded the reference photo you see here from pixabay. I was shooting for 12 in this Read more

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Afton Got Bangs

April 2022 working on portraits. Afton got Bangs so I decided to paint her. Do you like it? Check out the demonstration video!

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Girl in the Hat Demonstration Painting #2

I did the Girl in the Hat Demonstration painting and I liked it so much I decided to paint it again utilizing my initial concept/idea I had when deciding to paint it which was painting the hat inspired by Read more

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Girl in Hat Portrait


Started 3 new collections this month.

This is painting 2 in my portraits collection.

I feel like my best work happens when a piece starts out as a physical piece of art and then I  digitize,  digitally Read more

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