Super Exciting…

Girl in Hat NFT drop coming 4/29/2022

Super excited.. available for sale here:

Some of my favorite so far

Girl in Hat 2 Girl in Hat 15 Girl in Hat 6 Girl in Hat 9 Girl in Hat 21 Girl in Hat 20
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New Butterfly NFTs Just Dropped

Abstract Butterfly No. 40
Butterfly NFT. Artist NFT Collections. In its metamorphosis from the common, colorless caterpillar to the exquisite winged creature of delicate beauty, the butterfly has become a metaphor for transformation and hope; across cultures, it has become a symbol for rebirth and resurrection. Read more
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Heavenly Angel Anandi

Heavenly Angel NFT Anandi
Anandi comes from a Sanskrit word meaning happiness. Anandi makes me happy with her pink hair, delicate sparkly colors, and her sparkle stars and hearts. Anandi represents happiness Anandi is one of ten angels released in my genesis NFT collection "Heavenly Angels" Read more
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Abstract Butterfly NFTs 27 just dropped on, check it out!

NFT Butterflies Collection
Abstract Butterflies NFT Abstract Butterflies, oh my! Butterfly NFT. Brenda Knoll Artist NFT Collection. Original one-of-a-kind NFTs from a real artist. Read more
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2 New Collections Abstract Butterflies

Brenda Knoll Abstract Butterflies
I have 2 new collections that I am currently working on, collections #1 is called "Abstract Butterflies...A Brenda Knoll NFT Collection" that is dropping soon, stay tuned for more details! Read more
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NFT Butterflies dropping soon

NFT Butterflies Collection

Brenda Knoll NFT Butterflies dropping sooooooonnnnnn! So pretty right???

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Abstract Butterflies NFTs? What do you think?

So I painted a gouache butterfly then digitized the butterfly. I then digitally manipulated + enhanced + different colorways. Finally, I did some mock ups of 18 x 20 prints matted and framed. What do you think? Do you Read more

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Heavenly Angel Veronica Sunshine

Brenda Knoll Veronica Sunshine NFT
This is Veronica Sunshine. “Angels shine light into all areas of life… Helping you to see the light within all! ” – Melanie Beckler. Veronica is a glittery radiant angel that lives on the Ethereum blockchain and brings vision to your collection Read more
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Heavenly Angel Rose Angel

Brenda Knoll Rose Angel NFT
This is Rose Angel. Rose is a one of a kind Angel I painted in real life that has been digitized and digitally enhanced for offer here as an NFT. She is my first ever NFT but I plan to make more. Read more
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Heavenly Angel Aerie

Brenda Knoll Heavenly Angel NFT Aerie
An aerie is a nest, especially for an eagle or another large bird of prey and Aerie seems like a powerful eagle protecting angel to me. Aerie is one of ten angels released in my genesis NFT collection "Heavenly Angels" Read more
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