Surface Design

Getting ready to contact some agents about taking my art to the next step: licensing for surface design. I created this kitchen collection mock up and I am getting ready to shop my designs and my art Read more
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2022 Easter Collection is CLOSED OUT

Here is the people
2022 Easter Collection "Bunny Kisses Peeps" THIS COLLECTION IS CLOSED OUT. This collection is mostly sold out, I have 4 peeps and 4 eggs left.  A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY BUYER JACK WHO MADE THIS COLLECTION SUCH A SUCCESS Original happy Easter Art for your original happy home. Read more
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3 New Paintings for Sale

This faith based painting is based upon a motif I have been drawing since I was a child I have countless iterations of this design. This design is my child eyes Church and this group of 3 paintings were painted together and the song in my head is "Here is the Church, here is the steeple, Read more
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5 New Peeps Paintings for sale now on Ebay

patchwork peep
These peeps completed today are my favorites, love the colors and the patterns. I paint in intuitively so I am as surprised as anyone about how they will turn out, I adore these peeps. Like love. These are some of the hoppies (bunnies) in my Easter 2022 Collection Unique happy art for unique happy peeps…. Read more
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Sold out…

These 5 paintings from my "I Carrot Even ' Easter 2022 Collection sold before I could even post that they were listed for sale. I have a patron and it is very much appreciated. I absolutely appreciate it so much. The support has allowed me to upgrade my supplies and equipment so super fun. thank you to my buyer Jacek Read more
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He is Risen listed for Sale. 2021 Easter painting

He is Risen
This painting was painted in 2021 at Easter. I wasn't as organized and I released it late so it did not sale. It has been manhandled by some children so the top left and bottom right are a little dog eared but it is still really pretty and colorful. I found it while preparing my studio for renovation so I decided to list it here for sale. Thanks for taking an interest in my art. Read more
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The Heavens Declare

These faith based paintings are based upon a motif I have been drawing since I was a child I have countless iterations of this design. This design reminds me of creation and the Heavens Declare is from the Bible Psalm 19. Read more
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3 New Eggs Pressions released for sale today on Ebay…

eggs pression 13
I have a vision for my 2022 Easter Collection which includes the 'Colorful Eggs Pressions' subcategory. These 13 Eggs Pressions are all unique and have lots of texture. I mean easter eggs right? Read more
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Colorful Eggs Pressions

colorful eggs pressions
Brenda Knoll 2022 Easter Collection Bunny Kisses Peeps Colorful Eggs Pressions. These are the decorative eggs Read more
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Hillary Fluffffff! 3 Little Chicks just listed for sale: EBAY

little chicks Hillary Fluff
Hillary Fluff chicks are part of 3 little chicks painted today. These 3 released for sale on ebay today go together like matchy matchy. These three are really cute and really textured. I used a fork to make the fluff, it came out super great, fluffy and charming, I think!Unique happy easter art for unique happy peeps. Read more
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